Gippsland gas putting the fizz in more drinks

BOC to build multi-million dollar CO2 processing facility that will put more CO2 from Gippsland gas production to good use

The Gippsland Basin Joint Venture (a 50-50 joint venture between Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd [Esso] and Woodside Energy Pty Ltd.) has entered a new long-term CO2 supply agreement with leading gas and engineering company, BOC.

BOC, a leading supplier of compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment across the South Pacific, will build a multi-million dollar facility to process CO2 from the Longford Gas Plant.

CO2 is an essential gas used in many industries including food processing and packaging, beverage, hospitality, desalination, medical, manufacturing and water treatment.

The new BOC plant will significantly increase long-term CO2 reliability and supply for many Australian industries, with capacity to produce more than 60,000 tonnes of beverage-grade liquid CO2 annually.

Along with Air Liquide’s CO2 processing facility currently under construction, this agreement with BOC will see even more CO2 from Gippsland gas production put to good use, helping to support Australian jobs.

“Through this partnership with BOC, we will transform what is effectively a waste stream into an essential product for many Australian food, beverage, hospitality, manufacturing and medical industries,” said Esso Australia Chairman Dylan Pugh.

 “Esso has a long history of providing reliable energy to Australia, whether it’s powering industry, heating our homes, or fuelling our barbecues, and this partnership will also see Gippsland gas put the fizz in our drinks.”