Leveraging global experience to power Australia's east coast

Longford Plants Manager, Kartik Garg is helping to transform our business while powering Australia’s east coast

After studying in Perth and starting his career with ExxonMobil Australia in Melbourne, Longford Gas Plants Manager, Kartik Garg has spent the last 19 years working across multiple continents to learn as much as possible about the energy industry.

“During the first seven years of my career I worked in a number of engineering roles in Victoria, supporting Esso Australia’s safe and reliable delivery of essential energy to Australians,” said Kartik.

Following that, Kartik enjoyed roles in Russia, Canada and the USA where he contributed to various aspects of ExxonMobil’s operations across the globe. Kartik is now leveraging his extensive experience as Manager of the Longford Gas Plants, leading the team that work 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses across Eastern Australia.

“Gas processed at our Longford oil and gas plants currently accounts for more than 40% of the gas consumed on Australia’s east coast,” said Kartik.

“It’s fantastic to be in Australia working with such a capable and competent team to deliver this essential energy to Australia,” said Kartik.

Kartik says that one of the most rewarding parts of his career has been working with amazing individuals and teams to drive improvements in various aspects of business performance. In his current role, Kartik is proud to contribute to the transformation currently taking place across Esso Australia’s Gippsland operations.

“As many of the Gippsland Basin’s legacy fields reach the end of their production, we are focused on efficiently maintaining our supply of Gippsland gas while decreasing our environmental impact and lowering risk associated with all aspects of our operations,” said Kartik.

“Throughout my career, I’ve loved working in diverse teams and building relationships across the world, and it’s fantastic to be working with the team at Longford to continually improve our performance and help set up our business for a strong future.

“My career with ExxonMobil has provided me with amazing professional and personal opportunities, some of which I would never have imagined, including starting up a new oil and gas development in Russia, successfully managing business value chains in California and Canada, and now being part of a team that everyday helps provide much needed energy to Australians.  Through this journey it has been important to continually improve my skills and knowledge - I am always learning. To anyone pursuing a career in this field – stay curious, keep learning and apply yourself, to realize a multitude of amazing opportunities and be part of something bigger,” said Kartik.