Long Island Point Plant community update

Test of emergency shutdown systems on 6th April 2022

On or around Wednesday 6th April 2022, Esso will be conducting a test of the Long Island Point Plant emergency shutdown systems. The test will be rescheduled in the event of a total fire ban day.  

We have carefully planned this work to minimise impacts on our local community and the environment, however there will be a necessary increase in flaring and black smoke may be visible throughout the course of these important works. Flaring is an important safety mechanism that burns excess hydrocarbons on site during operational interruptions and scheduled maintenance activities.
This work is a key part of our scheduled maintenance program, which helps us prevent unplanned incidents or disruptions to the plant’s operations. The work is being carried out in summer as there is a reduced demand for our products during this time.

We have also engaged with the CFA, EPA and our neighbours to advise them of these works taking place.