Offshore Wellness Initiative targets health and wellbeing across the Gippsland Basin

120 participants across offshore receive tailored programs to support their physical and mental health 

With a focus on creating change from the inside out, the offshore team have been working diligently over the last few months to prioritise their physical and mental health.

Tailored programs to educate, support and coach 120 participants on ways they could improve their sleeping patterns, nutrition, mental health, and exercise routines were provided, whilst taking into account the unique environment specific to offshore workers.

Dubbed the ‘Offshore Wellness Initiative’, the program saw tremendous uptake and commitment across the Gippsland Basin Offshore platforms.

 “Life gets busy, and focusing on your health can often trickle down the prioritisation list. The Offshore Wellness Initiative aimed to bring health front-of-mind in an encouraging environment,” said Michael Ashman, Offshore Safety Coordinator.

“We are excited that the Offshore Wellness Initiative could motivate so many employees across the platforms.”

“Participants felt encouraged that they could achieve their goals and aspirations, as John met their needs with extensive guidance throughout the entire journey.”

Participants felt encouraged that they could achieve their goals and aspirations, with a motivational coach providing extensive guidance throughout the entire journey.

“It’s been amazing to see such dedication from so many employees across the offshore team,” said John Verbi, motivational coach.

“I’d like to acknowledge Adelle Kelly, who was the winner of the ‘Biggest Improver’ title. Adele committed countless hours and made huge sacrifices to reach impressive wellness goals in an incredible timeframe.”

Sharing workouts using online platforms and apps kept participants accountable through the program, and encouraged those with a competitive spirit. Following its success, a second ‘Biggest Improver’ challenge will be implemented in the coming weeks.

 “Anyone and everyone in the offshore team is encouraged to take part in the second challenge. Whether they seek education on proper diet, exercise, or need assistance with stress management we can help them reach their targets. With the right support, anyone can achieve goals they felt were out of their reach,” John concluded.