Sale Neighbourhood House commence scholarship program for Digital Training Program

Esso Australia contribution provides STEM learning opportunities for the Sale community

Esso Australia is proud to be supporting the Sale Neighbourhood House Digital Training program this year.

Registrations have opened for the nine-week course which teaches the essentials in computer literacy skills across a range of office essential programs.

An understanding of intermediate computer skills will allow participants to strive further in their studies, have the confidence to pursue work promotions and explore new career opportunities.

“The program empowers participants to become proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, MyGov, Device Care, Computer OH&S and develop fundamental email maintenance and management skills,” said Kaitlan Hill, Sale Neighbourhood House Manager.

“We’re very appreciative of Esso Australia’s support of the program, as it will truly make a difference to those that are disadvantaged financially and are applying to the program.”

Esso Australia’s funding will go towards 100 scholarships, which help to reduce the program costs for eligible participants,” she continued.

 “We’re excited for the opportunity to work with Sale Neighborhood House and support more Gippsland residents to grow their technology skills and knowledge,” said Kartik Garg, Longford Plant Manager.

“Just like Sale Neighborhood House, Esso Australia values our community and the people within it. This contribution will ensure members of our community have a positive experience in STEM and find inspiration to pursue careers that they are passionate about, where they can confidently utilise the skills learned in this course.”