The LIP team immerses in local Indigenous practices

The Long Island Point Plant team take the time to learn about the Indigenous practices of the local Aboriginal community through Esso Australia’s partnership with Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association and Western Port Biosphere Foundation
Image The LIP team at Willum Warrain Gathering Place
The LIP team at Willum Warrain Gathering Place

Esso Australia is supporting the local Hastings community, through a $30,000 contribution to Western Port Biosphere Foundation and Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association.

The funds will support the Healing Water Country project, which will see a human-made drain and its surrounds between Willum Warrain’s Gathering Place and Warringine Creek revegetated with native flora, to create a functioning habitat corridor for two endangered powerful owls to travel through, supporting conservation efforts whilst restoring water quality and natural drainage.

As part of the project, 13 Long Island Point (LIP) Plant team members experienced a cultural immersion tour at Willum Warrain, exploring the importance of preserving and supporting culture whilst touring the facilities at the Gathering Place.

They concluded the tour by commencing preparatory work for the Healing Water Country project, clearing weeds.

“The Hastings region has a significant aboriginal population, which is continually growing. Willum Warrain Cultural Immersion Tours allows the broader community an opportunity to understand, respect and celebrate our Indigenous heritage,” said Uncle Peter Aldenhoven, CEO of Willum Warrain Gathering Place.

“We’re thankful to Esso for contributing the funds required to implement the Healing Water Country project and provide a corridor for the powerful owls to travel through.” 

LIP Plant Manager, David McCord, highlighted the importance of the project.