2023 Reservoir Management Seminar

The 2023 Reservoir Management Seminar was held at ExxonMobil’s Houston Campus last month.

The 2023 Reservoir Management Seminar was held at ExxonMobil’s Houston Campus last month. The seminar brought together 42 participants across the different affiliates who spoke on topics relating to this year’s theme, “Leading the Industry in Subsurface Business Decisions”.

Representing ExxonMobil Australia were Mohammad Bagheri, Reservoir Engineering Advisor, Adam Fynnaart, Geoscientist and Arun Kumaravel, Production Engineer for the Turrum field. Mohammad presented on repurposing Bream reservoirs for CO2 storage while Adam and Arun co-presented on maximising production from the Turrum field.

There was a total of 17 presentations in addition to several ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company and Upstream management leader talks and an afternoon of masterclass exercises. The seminar included great examples of maximising value from the base business, learning quickly from competitors and ourselves, managing and reducing uncertainty, and innovating to increase value and lead the energy transition.

The presentations by Mohammad, Adam and Arun were positively received with Mohammad’s presentation on Bream’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project (the only Brownfield CCS project presented at the seminar) highlighted as the most impactful presentation by the participants with significant contributions to the organisation.

Adam’s and Arun’s shared presentation on the Turrum field was also a crowd favourite with participants quoting “prudent reservoir management for mitigating zone connectivity and water-out risk”.

“This was a great opportunity to share widely across the company, examples of how our teams of subsurface engineers and geoscientists are collaborating to realise the maximum value from our Gippsland Basin assets,” commented Adam.

“It was a good occasion to get to know our colleagues in other affiliates and I really enjoyed connecting and engaging in meaningful discussions with them,” said Arun.

“I was delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the seminar. There were many excellent presentations by the participants and eye-opening talks by the management leaders. It was impressive to see how reservoir management is playing such a key role and adding value across the organisation. Thanks to Jianlin Wang, Druvi Ruberu, Dylan Pugh and the CCS Phase 1 project team, for providing the opportunity and showing their support to the presenters,” commented Mohammad.