Advanced Skills Milestone celebration

23 team members were recently recognised for their significant skills and expertise gained throughout their career with ExxonMobil Australia. 

ExxonMobil Australia recently held their annual Advanced Skills Milestone (ASM) celebration to recognise team members who have gained significant skills and experience throughout their career.

The ASM program was designed to help guide development and leadership growth for technical specialists in our workplace, recognising employees who have developed advanced technical skills and for the contributions they have made to the company across their area of expertise.

This year, an afternoon tea celebration was held to recognise a total of 23 team members across our business including Geoscience, SSHE, Operations, Maintenance and Commercial.

“Although recognition for a job well done is always appreciated, it feels particularly special to be recognised for the expertise gained through your career, and to look around at your peers and appreciate the significant technical and operational knowledge both in the room and online,” said Sami de Marchi, Integrity Group Supervisor.

“I am grateful for opportunities to work across both the Upstream and Downstream business during my tenure, which has allowed me to develop skills over the years in different roles and in different parts of the business. This has significantly contributed to my breadth of knowledge and experience which has been recognised through the ASM celebration today,” commented John Waddick, Negotiator.

“The ASM recognition is a great motivation for people to strive towards acquiring greater skills. I have benefitted from many technical mentors in the past and this new group of ASM recipients now have the opportunity to support each other along with others in our organisation,” commented Chris Belej, Project Manager NZ & LPI.

“A huge congratulations to all our well-deserved ASM geoscientists. This group has smoothly transitioned into our senior geoscience roles across the office as well as managing significant workloads they dedicate time to training and mentoring our next generation of geoscientists. Thank you for the hard work, dedication, good humour and fun you bring to the office and the vital skills that contribute to the success of our Gippsland Production and CCS, Papua New Guinea Production and Exploration, Australia Exploration and Asia Pacific and Global New Opportunity Generation teams. We couldn’t do it without you!” commented Sam Hemmings-Sykes, Australia, Indonesia, & Papua New Guinea Exploration Manager.

Congratulations to everyone who was recognised this year!