Playing an important role in Australia's future energy needs

Clint James details his current priorities as LIP’s Hastings Generation Project Start Up Lead

Throughout his 17-year career with ExxonMobil, Clint James has had the opportunity to work in both our Upstream and Downstream businesses and credits his long-standing career to the admirable network of colleagues and the fact that he’s built some great friendships over the years.

Currently LIP’s Hastings Generation Operations Readiness Project Start-up Lead, Clint has an important role in ensuring the project safely integrates with Long Island’s Point’s existing operations.

Built on the LIP site, the Hastings Generation Project will turn excess ethane from the plant into valuable electricity that will power Victorian homes. Clint’s focus is on ensuring there are sufficient procedures and processes in place to ensure the new facility is safely integrated with the existing Long Island Point operations and meets all of Esso’s standards.

Clint first started his career as an electrician at the LIP fractionation plant before joining the Operations Traineeship Program at Altona Refinery in 2010 where he worked as a Reforming Area Process Technician. In this role, Clint was involved in many maintenance shutdowns and planning as well as small optimisation or improvement projects.

In 2019, he was offered a role as the Site Fired Equipment subject matter expert working under the Site Technical Manager. Another technical role, this time he focused on ensuring the refinery operated safely and production was optimised.

He was also part of the Global ExxonMobil Research Engineering Fired Equipment Network which offered plenty of exposure to different refineries, operations and maintenance practices.

“Out of all the roles I have undertaken in my career, this one is by far my favourite,” he revealed.

“I gained experience in implementing simple low-cost technical changes that had huge financial and safety benefits for the organisation. It was a very technical and challenging role where I grew my understanding of ExxonMobil’s business processes both locally and globally including risk management and incident investigation processes.

“I also had the opportunity to work with some really amazing colleagues from around the world, some of whom I still keep in touch with.”

“I think the most rewarding part of my career journey so far is the friendships I have made along the way. It has helped me become a better person both personally and professionally.”

In 2022, Clint was redeployed to his current role at Long Island Point following the Altona refinery’s transition to an import terminal. 

“I think it’s amazing that ExxonMobil were very supportive during such a difficult time and provided redeployment opportunities to myself and many other staff who had been part of the Altona refinery team.”

Outside of work, Clint is currently keeping himself busy renovating his family beach house in Inverloch as per his project manager’s (a.k.a wife’s) directions which he claims is not always as enjoyable as he thought it would be.

He loves being active and enjoys outdoor recreation particularly fishing and camping. He also keeps himself busy with football - coaching his son’s football team twice a week and being involved in his over 35’s football team.

His life advice to people is to enjoy the ride, look after yourself and your work mates. “Be open to change and opportunities as they come along and work hard,” he concluded.