A supportive environment will help achieve the I&D dream

Meet Simon Kemp, Deputy Chair of the Inclusion & Diversity Council

Technical and Business Manager, Australia Major Projects, Simon Kemp has worked in and travelled to many locations during his career, and through the diverse range of roles he has experienced, one core focus has remained the same – the importance of Inclusion & Diversity.

During his 21-year career, Simon has seen an improved understanding and recognition of why I&D is important, and he is passionate about contributing to ExxonMobil Australia being a great place to work for everyone.  This led to him being appointed the Deputy Chair of the I&D Council in 2022.

“The most rewarding part of my job is playing a part in delivering solutions to one of the world’s toughest challenges, providing affordable energy in a sustainable way. Thankfully, I get to tackle this challenge alongside the many highly talented people that work within the company,” said Simon.

Simon is based in Melbourne but makes frequent trips to the Sale office which allows him the chance to work with a variety of people across a range of departments. 

“My I&D dream is a diverse workforce with a work environment where everyone feels welcome and a sense of belonging. I want people to feel that they want to come to work and that they are supported and can ask for help,” Simon continued.

“There are many examples through our business of actions and activities that people, or groups have undertaken to improve I&D.  Connecting different parts of the business to share what has worked well and what has been challenged will help us get there and is a part of the role of the I&D Council”.