ExxonMobil Australia LNG team lends a helping hand

As part of their offsite, the team participated in a teambuilding activity where they built prosthetic hands for amputees across developing countries

Offsites are known to be a great opportunity for teams to get together in person and connect in new ways whilst setting goals for the year. It supports strategic alignment, boosts creativity and collaboration, and encourages open communication through team building activities. 

Last month, ExxonMobil Australia’s LNG team, participated in a charitable cause as part of their teambuilding activity for their offsite.  

During the annual group gathering, team members worked in groups of three to build prosthetic hands for amputees across developing countries as part of the Helping Hands Program. Groups were given an hour to assemble 30 parts using their non-dominant hand and construct these life-changing devices, a task one might call doable but challenging. They also decorated personalised carry cases to showcase their support for the program.

"Listening to the amputees’ stories moved us and reminded us why personal resilience and helping others matter. This activity really brought home the importance of working together to achieve a common goal,” said Corey Baker, Joint Interest Asset Coordinator.

The five prosthetic hands built by the team will be donated to amputees worldwide, aiding them in leading more normal lives.  

“The Helping Hands Program allowed us to contribute something tangible to the community. Knowing our efforts will help someone grasp and release objects, perhaps for the first time, felt like a significant gift. It was a practical lesson in teamwork with a far-reaching impact,” said Velora Chan, Gorgon Business Lead.

“It was a real win-win; we had fun, strengthened our team bonds, and made a contribution through a meaningful activity,” commented Margaret Rogacki, General Manager Australia LNG.

The Helping Hands Program aims to build 30,000 hands by the end of 2030, and they are not far off in achieving their goal with 24,689 hands built over the past 12 years.