Fostering an I&D culture

Joint Interest Asset Manager, Suzanne Borrett joins the Inclusion and Diversity Council

Throughout her career, Joint Interest Asset Manager Suzanne Borrett has had the opportunity to travel the world supporting our global operations.  This has enabled her to work with a diverse range of talented people across different cultures, and to see first-hand the importance of I&D for organisational success.

“Creating an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work everyday and thrive, and where diversity of thought is valued, is hard.  Society and the modern workplace is changing for the better, at least when it comes to policies, laws and regulations around diversity and inclusion, but fostering an I&D culture is something that we all need to work at.”    

Suzanne became a member of our Inclusion and Diversity Council after learning what some of our partners are doing in this space.  “I wanted to share learnings and roll up my sleeves to help us in our journey,” she explained.

Based in Perth, Suzanne joins the I&D Council meetings by Zoom where she learns more about initiatives being undertaken at our other sites and shares what has worked locally for her team.

“Site specific I&D action plans help us better understand and tackle local issues which is why it’s vital these plans are driven at the site level.  We also need to openly share and learn from challenges and success stories to continue to embed diversity and inclusion throughout our business.”

“The I&D Council is working hard to educate and engage people across the organisation on I&D, but we all have a role to play in creating a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace for everyone.” Suzanne concluded.