Longford Quarterly Update - March 2024

In this update to our Longford neighbours, Manager Clinton Gentle, highlights decommissioning works in the Bass Strait.

2024 is going to be a big year for our Longford Plants and Offshore operations as we continue to work on transforming into a modern gas business. As we pivot our focus to further expanding capacity for our gas business for Victoria, we are also preparing for the future with ongoing planning of CO2 capture and storage and supplying CO2 directly to industry.

We have a tremendous amount of work taking place offshore this year and are very close to commissioning a new compression facility at our Kipper platform further increasing our gas production capacity. We are also in the midst of safely and responsibly decommissioning exhausted wells.

We currently have a peak workforce of close to 500 people helping to complete over $1 billion of early decommissioning works and have recently achieved plugging and abandonment of over 100 wells.  This work will continue to increase over the next decade as we continue to ramp up decommissioning activities.

On the aviation front we are approaching our 50-year anniversary of Esso aviation here in Gippsland. Our fleet of five helicopters complete 2,500 flights per year safely transporting over 36,000 passengers to our offshore platforms. Our fleet is currently undertaking rigorous mandatory safety inspections. These inspections are done under strict regulations and specifications. It’s amazing to see this team in action, safety is of the upmost importance with these aircraft, and as such every tool, screw, and even down to every individual rag used in the assembly and reassembly is controlled and accounted for daily and before returning the aircraft to service. A great example of our Heliport team going above and beyond to keep our team safe.

You may have recently noticed a number of big trucks on the road delivering large loads of process equipment near our Longford site. This equipment is being used to build two new CO2 plants for BOC and Air Liquide. Once constructed, CO2 from our Longford Gas Conditioning Plant will be processed and transported to the two plants where it will be further processed and used for industries including food processing, hospitality, and manufacturing.

These investments and partnerships further solidify our commitment to decarbonising our operations and will help to improve societal and environmental outcomes. I look forward to providing further updates as we reach key milestones and continue to transform our business now and into the future.

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to me via consultation@exxonmobil.com.