Our people are our best asset

Meet Adrian Hare, Inclusion and Diversity Council Member

Longford Plants team member, Adrian Hare, is all about our people. Whether they be the ones he has supervised, his past coaches, or the team members he works with every day.  Adrian truly believes people are the best part of ExxonMobil.

“The most rewarding part of my job is getting to work with highly skilled, amazing people at every site, every day,” said Adrian.

Adrian is based in Longford and joined the company as part of the Youth Employment Scheme in 1988.  The scheme was designed to provide opportunities for young people that had the potential to learn but were heading in the wrong direction due to personal circumstances.  It was then that Adrian crossed paths with some incredible mentors that helped shape his career for the next 30 years.

“All of my mentors during my early days treated me with respect, honesty, and inclusiveness. I felt a genuine sense of belonging and family, which encouraged me to thrive within the workplace,” Adrian continued.

This strong foundation led to Adrian becoming an active member of the Inclusion and Diversity Council.

During his time on the Council, Adrian has witnessed more awareness of biases. He is a strong advocate for teaching the skill of speaking up and having the character to accept feedback. Adrian’s I&D vision is to have everyone feel equal.

“There is no greater joy than when a team works together for the common goal,” Adrian concluded.