Mobil Altona Refinery wins Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Award

Mobil Altona Refinery was named winner of the 2019 Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards Manufacturing and Industrial (Medium-Large) category during the awards ceremony at Williamstown Town Hall on Friday 25 October.

Altona refinery was recognised at the awards for its important role in fuelling Victoria, while providing high-skilled employment, innovative career training and staff development programs for its employees, many of whom reside in Hobsons Bay.

The refinery was also recognised for its focus on innovation, leadership, sustainability and community, particularly its ongoing commitment to education that extends to local schools and the community through its Bright Future STEM grants program. 

Receiving the award on the night, Altona Refinery Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager, Lyndon Raymond, said that the refinery team members were all proud of the contribution that they make to the Hobsons Bay community.

“Altona is now Australia’s longest-operating refinery, celebrating 70 years of operations this year,” said Lyndon.

“As a small refinery, up against some major modern global competition, we have continued to survive and even thrive through the years.

“Our success is based on our ability to meet the pressing needs and desires of our stakeholders – our community and our customers. And that success has always been down to the quality of our people - thanks to them we have been able to apply complex technology in imaginative, innovative ways to win in a very competitive market-place.”

Mobil Altona Refinery continues to fuel Victoria, contributing around $270 million to the Victorian economy every year, providing direct employment for around 350 people and indirectly supporting thousands of other jobs. The refinery produces around 330 million litres of petrol, jet fuel and diesel per day, with almost all of the fuel made at the refinery used right here in Victoria.