Supporting the work of Rural Aid

Australia is known as the wide, brown land, but this year, the intensification of drought conditions over many parts of the country is placing significant stress on our rural communities. It is at times like this that Australians pull together to help each other through such hardships.

Rural Aid, a Queensland-based charity was established in 2015 to assist people in rural communities suffering financial, emotional, environmental hardship.

Today it has grown into one of rural Australia’s largest charities providing financial assistance, water supplies, stock feed and counselling services to famers in need.

ExxonMobil Australia recently supported the Rural Aid Christmas appeal.

“Lack of water is one of the most pressing issues for many farmers right now,” said ExxonMobil Community Relations Manager Jarrod Byham.

“Our support will help by providing the equivalent of about 30 truckloads of water for farming families.

“We are pleased to make this contribution to the important work of Rural Aid.”