Keeping it in the family

When a company has been around for 125 years, there are bound to be plenty of examples where younger generations have been inspired by their parents, or grandparents, to work in the same industry.
At Altona refinery, a recent rostering coincidence meant that Zone Team Leaders, father and son team Neil and Aidan Murphy, led their respective North and South Zone during a shared shift in September.

Neil joined the company more than 36 years ago, while his son Aidan joined the refinery seven years ago through its operator traineeship program.

Meanwhile, former Longford Plants employee, Glenn Dyer recently shared an example of three generations working to support our Gippsland operations.

Glenn, who worked for over 30 years at Longford, introduced his son Darryn Dyer to the opportunities available in world of oil and gas, which led to Darryn taking up employment as an offshore operator in 2006. Darryn is now an operator on the Marlin platform.

In addition, Glenn’s grandson, Michael Walsh, is now a contractor supporting platforms in Offshore Bass Strait.

“If you think about it, someone from every generation of my family has been involved in every stage of the oil and gas life cycle in the Gippsland Basin,” said Glenn.

“I was part of the start-up in the early 1970s, while my son Darryn is helping to keep platforms operating today and my grandson Michael is now part of a crew working to maintain the safety of non-operating platforms.”

ExxonMobil Australia Chairman, Nathan Fay said that ExxonMobil Australia has made a significant contribution to the Australian economy and communities during the company’s 125 year presence.

“With a total investment of around $40 billion, we are a substantial investor in the Australian economy and a major contributor to the wealth of the nation,” said Nathan.

“Today, our current generation of employees are still working hard to safely and reliably provide the energy Australians need.”

The important role of energy in supporting the financial well-being of Australia has been highlighted by the Australian Government’s recent announcements regarding plans for a gas-led recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and their proposed support the local refining sector.

“ExxonMobil Australia continues to supply all of our Bass Strait gas to domestic customers, helping to meet the government’s objectives of ensuring Australian industry has access to the country’s natural resources,” said Nathan.

“Over and above our significant contribution to the Australian economy over our many years of operation, we are most proud of the real and positive difference the energy we deliver from our Victorian operations continues to make to the lives and livelihoods of so many individual Australians and their families.”
Image Father and son team Neil (left) and Aidan, recently shared a shift at the Mobil Altona refinery.
Father and son team Neil (left) and Aidan, recently shared a shift at the Mobil Altona refinery.