Terminals keep logistics wheels turning

Across Australia and New Zealand protecting fuel supply lines has become of paramount importance.

Like most of ExxonMobil facilities, our fuel terminals have put in place measures to reduce workplace density and facilitate social distancing in order to keep essential people safe while they support our ongoing operations.

“We have established an alternate roster system at our fuel terminals in an effort to build contingencies into our workforce,” said Australia & New Zealand Airports and Terminals Manager Marcos Azuaje.

“Minimising the number of people we have at our site at any one time also helps us to maintain social distancing.”

The terminals have also instigated all the protective measures rolled out across ExxonMobil sites including restricting non-essential entry, screening everyone who comes on site, enhanced cleaning and distributing flu kits to our people.

“We are screening and checking the temperature of anyone who comes on site, including all the transport drivers who come to collect fuel from our terminals,” said Marcos.

“Our terminal teams are also conducting practice drills to ensure we can manage a positive COVID-19 case in our facilities."

Marcos said the way the terminal teams had implemented these unprecedented measures was first class.

“We are all aware of the critical importance of maintaining transport fuel supplies to the community, particularly the need to keep the wheels turning as drivers strive to distribute essential supplies to our communities during these trying times,” he said.