Delivering Mobil Synergy Fuels to far north Queensland

Innovative technology supports the delivery of  Mobil Synergy Fuels to remote areas

Mobil has introduced an innovative fuel delivery system that will give customers in far north Queensland access to Synergy Fuels.

While Mobil operates, or is a joint-venture in, a number of fuel storage and distribution terminals across Australia, in far north Queensland we supply a network of Mobil-branded service stations and truck-stops with fuel delivered through third-party terminals.

“These third-party terminals in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Gladstone did not have the infrastructure required to support our delivery of Synergy additives into loads of fuel bound for Mobil-branded service stations,” said Charles Ewart, Australian Retail Sales Manager.

With a growing presence of Mobil-branded service stations in the region, the team were keen to give all Mobil customers access to the benefits of Mobil Synergy Fuels.

“All Mobil Synergy Fuels are formulated to protect engines against rust corrosion and harmful deposits from the very first fill, as well as improve fuel economy,” said Charles.

“In order to give Mobil customers in far north Queensland the opportunity to enjoy these benefits, we devised a mobile additisation system that supplies Mobil Synergy Fuels to the third party terminals without the need for expensive or fixed equipment.”

This mobile additisation system is the first of its kind in Australia and means Mobil is currently the only supplier to offer the benefits of additives across all grades of fuel in far north Queensland.