First import of Unleaded Petrol completed

Important milestone in Altona’s transition to terminal operations

In mid-October we successfully received our first cargo of imported unleaded fuel via Gellibrand wharf into a repurposed crude tank. From there our new pumps propelled the fuel to our Yarraville terminal, where it was distributed to our customers.

“This is the first of two key milestones in our conversion to a terminal, with the second, diesel imports, to follow in later November,” said Clinton Gentle, Terminal Conversion Venture Executive.

“This is a significant achievement by the extended team here at Mobil, and has been many months in the making. The team was able to coordinate a very complex plan that involved converting tanks and pipelines from crude to product service, integrating requirements of shutting the refinery down, commissioning new pumps and facilities to support terminal operations as well as designing a new supply chain. This was all integrated seamlessly ensuring continuity of supply to our customers - a truly tremendous display of team work!” 

“The Altona site will continue to be a key component of Mobil’s Melbourne fuel supply chain as we continue to build a world class terminal operation,” Clinton concluded.