Mobil's Melbourne Supply Chain

The Mobil Melbourne terminal will leverage existing facilities and infrastructure to become one of the largest and most efficient fuel import and storage facilities in Australia.
With Altona refinery no longer in operation works to allow Mobil to import fuel through its deep-water port at Gellibrand wharf and store the fuel in existing tanks before transferring it to Yarraville terminal will soon be finalised.

Initially, the imported fuel will be stored in two large tanks at the Altona site. The works that we are planning to complete this year include preparing these tanks, along with the pipeline that connects the Altona site to Gellibrand wharf, for the storage and transfer of refined fuels. Mobil has also installed new pumps to connect these tanks to the Mobil pipelines that send fuel to Yarraville terminal.

Customers will continue to collect fuel from the Mobil Yarraville terminal.

Our customers, and all Victorians, can rely on Mobil to maintain our supply of quality Mobil fuels throughout this transition. The below animation provides an overview of Mobil’s Melbourne supply chain.