Mobil opens new diesel loading infrastructure at Yarraville terminal

Improving efficiency for our Victorian fuel customers
New diesel loading infrastructure at Mobil Yarraville terminal will reduce the time it takes for trucks to collect fuel from the terminal, helping to improve efficiency for our Victorian fuel customers.

Diesel loading arms were recently added to the terminal’s eighth truck-loading facility, which was previously used exclusively for jet-fuel collection.

“Our investment in the Yarraville Jet Fuel Pipeline a few years ago means that these days, we transport most of our jet fuel to Melbourne airport via pipeline,” said Yarraville Terminal Manager, Heinz Klaumanns-Moller.

“As a result, our jet fuel loading facilities in Bay 8, previously one of our busiest bays, were hardly being utilised, with an average of only two trucks per day collecting jet fuel from the terminal.

“Analysis of our customer loading activities demonstrated that adding diesel loading infrastructure to Bay 8 would reduce the time it takes for trucks to collect loads from Yarraville, helping our customers realise efficiencies in their fuel delivery schedules,” said Heinz. 

Mobil’s most significant fuel customer, 7-Eleven, joined local management to officially open the new loading arms on 5 August, fortuitously in-between Victorian COVID19 lockdowns.

“7-Eleven were extremely appreciative of our investment to improve the customer experience at Yarraville terminal,” said Heinz.

“At the launch, 7-Elevel Chief Executive Officer, Angus Mackay said it was 7-Eleven’s job to sell as much Mobil quality fuel as possible, and the efficiencies we have realised at Yarraville terminal will certainly help them achieve this goal in Melbourne.”

To demonstrate the strength of the Mobil and 7-Eleven relationship and appreciation for Yarraville terminal’s customers, Mobil provided a free lunch and 7-Eleven provided free donuts for any drivers who attended the site on the day.