Rosanne is working to grow the Mobil brand in Australia

Understanding and delivering what Australian fuel customers want
Despite the recent impacts of COVID19, the network of Mobil service stations has continued to grow, with more and more new sites across the country delivering Mobil quality fuels to Australians.

At the forefront of understanding what the people of Australia want when it comes to fuel, is Marketing Communications Manager, Rosanne Ooi.

Rosanne’s role involves using data and insights about Australian fuels customers to create marketing campaigns that grow our market presence and brand awareness. 

Rosanne joined the company after an impressive career in Melbourne, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur working for big brands like Telstra, BMW, and Astro (one of Southeast Asia’s largest media and broadcasting company, which Rosanne describes as Foxtel, Netflix and the Australian Radio Network rolled into one).

“When I joined ExxonMobil, I noticed so many opportunities to elevate our marketing competencies and improve our communications efforts,’ says Rosanne. 

“An example of a new initiative I led was an analytics and insights project. The first of its kind in ExxonMobil, the aim of this was to consolidate the marketing data we had and turn it into insights to improve marketing results and enabling us to reach our customers in meaningful ways.”

Rosanne also headed the launch of the Synergy Fuels campaign, which was challenged by outbreak of COVID19.

“Due to the pandemic, we had to be nimble and quickly adapt our whole marketing campaign. For example, we had to pivot from cinema advertising to focus more on digital media and finally expand to outdoor advertising, as increased confidence and easing restrictions led to a rise in cars back on the road. ” she explains.

“Overall, the campaign has been a success not only in driving business value but connecting with customers. Some of our customers have reached out to ask if they could take advertising materials home with them. Apparently, some even resorted to removing them from the service stations without asking permission, which was a career first for me!”

Despite only starting at ExxonMobil two years ago, Rosanne has developed a strong understanding of Australian fuel customers and how Mobil can help to meet their fuel needs.

“Mobil is committed to fuelling Australia, and I’m proud to be a part of expanding our company’s ability to reliably supply quality Mobil fuels across the country,” continues Rosanne. 

“When I first joined the company, I was told that the role doesn’t define you, you define the role. This reflects the fantastic culture that I have experienced so far in my journey here. 

“One of the most exciting aspects of being a marketer is seeing advertising I develop come to life! However, throughout my career, the most rewarding part has always been leading great teams, the colleagues who become friends, and working with managers who trust, support and inspire me. At the end of the day, it’s the people who make work meaningful.”