Volunteering recommences at Foodbank Victoria's warehouse

Members of the ExxonMobil Australia EMIT team volunteer with Foodbank Victoria ahead of the holiday period

Last week members of ExxonMobil Australia’s EMIT team spent a day at the Foodbank Victoria warehouse in Yarraville, to assist in packing meals to be distributed to thousands of Victorians seeking emergency food relief.

Throughout the day, the team worked in pairs to collect, pack, and send off enough food to produce 19,246 meals, which will be distributed to disadvantaged Victorians across the state.

The uncertainty of the last 18 months has resulted in many families and individuals wondering where their next meal will come from. Foodbank Victoria helps alleviate that pressure and provides those in need with a small reprieve, with the security that at a minimum they have access to a healthy, hearty meal.

 “As a result of COVID19 implications, food demand is at an all-time high in Australia and many people, including those who would have never expected to, have found themselves in need of Foodbank Victoria’s services,” Michelle Ayling, UIT-Geoscientist noted.

“It was great to see first-hand the effort that goes into the programs that Foodbank Victoria runs, from partnering with charities to providing breakfast clubs in schools, allowing them to feed more than 140,000 people every month,” said Michelle.

“The activity also served as a great team building exercise for the EMIT team, as we have barely seen each other outside of a computer screen since COVID19 restrictions were implemented early last year.”

More members of our team will continue to volunteer at Foodbank Victoria through to next year.