Works at Altona refinery

Mobil will begin the process of shutting down Altona refinery operations in August 2021
From 31 August 2021, Mobil will begin the process to shut down Altona refinery’s operating units as part of our transition to a fuel import terminal.

We have carefully planned the shut down activities to minimise impacts on the environment and our neighbours. However, you may notice a necessary increase in flaring and associated noise as we complete the main shut down activities over the next few weeks.

As always, our 24-hour Community Hotline on 1800 659 527 is available if you have any questions or concerns as the work is completed.

The conversion of Altona refinery to an import terminal is a complex task and there will be lots of activity at the Altona site over the next few years.

More information about our conversion to a fuel import terminal is available in the Altona refinery section of this website. We also offer a service to notify local residents about our operations via SMS. Please complete and return the form available here if you would like to subscribe to this service.