Yarraville Terminal opens new printing hut

The printing hut will ease congestion and save drivers valuable time 

A new printing hut has been constructed at the Yarraville Terminal to help ease congestion, with drivers now able to save time on processing paperwork.

The Yarraville Terminal can often become crowded, with many trucks moving through each day to load fuel.

“On a busy day, the wait time to load fuel can be up to two hours, which means trucks may be parked in the terminal for long periods,” said Heinz Klaumanns-Moller, Yarraville Terminal Manager.

Based on recent feedback from customers, the team at the terminal sought to streamline the process.

It was identified that paperwork processing can create delays, with drivers leaving their trucks in the loading bays while they collect their paperwork from the dispatch office. It could take up to eight minutes for the round trip back to the truck.

The solution was to construct a printing and paperwork hut at the western side of the load rack, saving as much as 1500 minutes on a busy day which can see up to three hundred trucks moving through the terminal.

In addition to this, a five-minute parking bay was created where the drivers can safely park the trucks for a few minutes, thereby leaving the bay immediately after loading and allowing the next truck to commence loading. 

“We expect the new parking bays to significantly reduce congestion, allowing our customers to have a better experience at the terminal,” Heinz said.