Yarraville Terminal successfully trials A-Double truck

Yarraville Terminal recently successfully completed trials of an A-Double truck, which will increase efficiency and reduce the number of trucks on the road

Yarraville Terminal recently completed trials loading of an A-Double truck as they explore opportunities to further increase efficiency and improve customer experiences.

With a total capacity of 72,000 litres and 30 metres in length, the A-Double truck loaded Diesel in the trials, however it has the ability to load any other product offered at the Yarraville Terminal.

Single trucks are 22 metres long and have a 35,000 to 45,000 litre capacity while a B-double is 25 metres long with a 45,000 to 55,000 litre capacity. So the ability to load A-Double trucks with a much higher capacity will increase efficiency at the Terminal.

This is a positive outcome for the Terminal and the community, as the use of larger trucks could reduce the number of trucks on the road, with more fuel transported in one load.

“The A-Double truck is very efficient cost-wise, but I believe adding these types of trucks to the fleet will be beneficial in many ways,” Yarraville Terminal Manager, Heinz Klaumanns-Moller, says.

“Local residents will also appreciate less crowding on the roads.”