Mobil's largest diesel delivery to Sydney and Melbourne

In an Australian first, an LR2 has delivered diesel to both Port Botany and Gellibrand in one shipping route, supporting an efficient and reliable fuel supply chain  
Image The team celebrating the first Long Range vessel docking at Gellibrand Wharf.
The team celebrating the first Long Range vessel docking at Gellibrand Wharf.

In an Australian first, Mobil recently delivered its biggest ever shipment of diesel to the deep-water ports at Botany in Sydney and Gellibrand Wharf in Melbourne, supporting an efficient and reliable fuel supply chain.

The Long Range Vessel (LR2) completed its first delivery into Mobil’s storage at the Vopak terminal via the Botany Wharf in Sydney, before continuing down to Melbourne, where it delivered the remaining diesel to Mobil’s Melbourne terminal via the Gellibrand wharf.

In addition, the first LR2 delivery of gasoline across Melbourne and Sydney took place in April. 

The new delivery route continues to strengthen Mobil’s logistics advantage in Sydney, which has been enabled by increasing our storage capacity at Botany, and also provides a competitive edge in the Sydney market. 

With the recent conversion of the Altona site to an import terminal, Mobil is now the most efficient importer of refined fuels into Melbourne, and the use of Long Range Vessels now creates an even larger advantage.

Mobil will continue to use its increased capability across Botany and Melbourne to schedule larger ships to import more fuel, less often.  An integrated supply chain provides the Mobil team with an overview across Asia Pacific which allows for quick reactions to changes in the market and enables the team to maximise the efficiency of our import and supply operations.

“Having the ability to import larger volumes of refined fuels on the largest vessels there are, makes Mobil a leading supplier across our two major markets in Melbourne and Sydney,” said Mobil Oil Australia’s Supply Logistics Coordinator, Catherine Mackay.

“Obtaining additional storage capacity at Botany was a significant investment for the company, but it has definitely been worthwhile.

Australian Sales Manager Andrew McNaught said, “This is a terrific effort by the Supply, Trading and Logistics Optimization and Business Development teams. It’s a fantastic achievement and great to see the significant value capture.”