Fuel terminals

ExxonMobil operates fuel distribution terminals in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and has access to fuel terminals in other locations to support our reliable supply of high-quality Mobil fuel in every state of Australia.

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Fuel terminals

Birkenhead Terminal

Operating from Port Adelaide since May 1925, ExxonMobil's Birkenhead terminal stores and distributes petrol, diesel and aviation fuel for the South Australian market.

The terminal receives refined products by ship from ExxonMobil's regional supply network. Since 1994 ExxonMobil has operated the fuel storage and truck load-out facilities at Birkenhead jointly with Viva Energy Australia, who supply their own refined products by ship into the terminal.

Fuels are distributed from Birkenhead by road and rail tanker. Every year over 1.4 billion litres of product, a significant proportion of South Australia's demand, is delivered through distributors and contractors to customers in metropolitan and regional parts of the State.

The terminal houses large refined product storage tanks with a storage capacity of approximately 77 million litres. At the terminal's truck fill stand up to five trucks can be loaded simultaneously with the various fuels stored at the terminal.

Birkenhead terminal operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Image Photo Birkenhead Terminal

Photo — Birkenhead Terminal 

Silverwater Terminal

Operating since 1979, the Silverwater terminal is located in the suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, approximately 18 kilometres west of the city centre. Located on around 4.5 hectares of land the terminal stores and distributes petrol and diesel for the Sydney metropolitan and regional New South Wales market.

The terminal is owned by Sydney Metropolitan Pipeline (SMP), a 40/60 joint venture between Mobil Oil Australia and Ampol Australia, with Mobil as the operator.

Silverwater terminal receives its refined products by pipeline from Ampol's Kurnell terminal in Sydney or independent fuel terminals in Port Botany.

The terminal has large refined product storage tanks with a bulk fuel storage capacity of around 42 million litres. The terminal also supplies E10 ethanol-blend petrol and B5 biodiesel-blend diesel. Up to six trucks can be loaded simultaneously at truck fill stands with fuels stored in the terminal.

Silverwater terminal operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Image Photo Silverwater Terminal
Photo — Silverwater Terminal

Yarraville Terminal

Located on the banks of the Yarra River, in the western suburbs of Melbourne, the Yarraville terminal has operated since 1926.

The Yarraville terminal is ExxonMobil's fuels distribution terminal for petrol, diesel, and aviation fuel and heating oil in Victoria. Ethanol-blended petrol is also supplied from the terminal.

ExxonMobil operates the fuel storage and truck load-out facilities at the terminal in joint ownership with BP. The terminal houses large refined product storage tanks with a storage capacity of 120 million litres. These tanks are used for bulk storage of fuel products arriving from Mobil's Altona terminal and Shell's Geelong Refinery (via pipeline) and from overseas/interstate (via ship). At the tank truck fill stand, up to eight trucks can be loaded simultaneously with various fuels stored in the terminal.

The Yarraville terminal handles just under 3 billion litres of refined fuel products each year, that are supplied to customers throughout Victoria and in some parts of South Australia and Southern New South Wales. This equates to approximately 8 million litres per day.

In line with Victorian regulatory requirements, the Yarraville terminal is registered as a Major Hazard Facility because it stores and handles large quantities of flammable products. The site operates under an environmental licence issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Yarraville terminal operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Community hotline

Yarraville terminal has a 24-hour community hotline which residents and community members can call to get information about the terminal. The number is 9286 5112.

Image Photo Yarraville Terminal
Photo — Yarraville Terminal

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