Mobil invests in delivering reliable, quality fuel to Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia – Mobil Oil Australia (Mobil), a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Australia, is investing in additional fuel storage and delivery infrastructure to maintain its reliable supply of quality fuel to Australians.   
  • Mobil is investing in additional fuel storage and delivery infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne to maintain our reliable supply of quality fuel to Australians
  • Additional storage tanks at Vopak’s Port Botany Terminal will enable Mobil to import fuel on the larger Long Range vessels (LR2), while a new truck-loading bay is being constructed at Mobil’s Melbourne Terminal
  • These investments will increase the efficiency and security of Mobil’s fuel supplies in Australia’s two largest cities.

The company has secured additional storage at the Vopak Botany Terminal in Sydney and is adding a new fuel loading bay to expand capacity at its Melbourne terminal in Yarraville.

“The additional storage at Vopak Botany Terminal means we are now the only supplier who can bring fuel into both Sydney and Melbourne on Long Range 2 vessels, the largest ships available for transporting refined fuels,” said Bruce Sutherland, Mobil’s South Pacific Fuels Manager and Director.

With capacity of up to 114 million litres, a single Long Range Vessel can carry enough fuel to fill almost half of the cars in Victoria.

“Having the ability to utilise Long Range Vessels significantly increases the efficiency of fuel import activities and having larger, fuller ships delivering fuel to Australia supports our fuel security.”

In October, Mobil also expects to complete construction of a new fuel-loading bay at its Melbourne terminal in Yarraville, which is already Melbourne’s largest fuel distribution terminal.

“Expanding the capacity at our Melbourne terminal will mean our customers can fill-up their fuel tankers and get back on the road delivering fuel to service stations as quickly as possible,” said Mr Sutherland. 


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