Successful apprenticeship program with 100% retention rate scores ExxonMobil Australia the Workplace Development Award at the 2023 APPEA Conference

  • An innovative apprenticeship program developed by ExxonMobil Australia and WPC Group has been awarded the Workplace Development Award, earlier this week at the 2023 APPEA Conference.
  • The award recognises the success of the program which, since its inception in 2018, has hired and trained 74 apprentices and trainees across ExxonMobil Australia’s worksites in Gippsland, Victoria.
  • The Workplace Development Award was added to APPEA’s list of Excellence Awards this year, alongside the Community Development Award, and the pre-existing Environment Project Excellence Award and Safety Project Excellence Award, which showcase the oil and gas industry’s commitments to the communities in which they operate.

MELBOURNE, Australia – ExxonMobil Australia, in partnership with the WPC Group, has been celebrated for their customised mentored apprenticeship program at the 2023 APPEA Conference.

The unique program, which boasts a remarkable 100% retention rate, was presented with the Workplace Development Award earlier this week, as recognition for its excellence in offering training and development opportunities within the business.

“What an honour it is to be the recipient of the Workplace Development Award, thanks to our incredible apprenticeship program in partnership with WPC Group,” said ExxonMobil Australia Chair, Dylan Pugh.

“At ExxonMobil Australia, we recognise our greatest asset is the outstanding quality of our team members and their collective talents. It’s great to have young faces across our operations, with new ideas and fresh perspectives who are mentored by our talented staff,” he continued.

Mr Pugh was joined on stage to accept the award by current Long Island Point Plant apprentice, Thomas Mutimer. Currently working alongside his father at the plant in Hastings, Thomas is now completing the last year of his dual trade instrumental/electrical apprenticeship, and is the fourth generation to work at ExxonMobil’s Gippsland operations.

“The ExxonMobil Australia apprenticeship program has given me the opportunity to follow in my father’s footsteps and become the fourth-generation to work at their Gippsland operations,” said Mr Mutimer.

“The program has provided me with hands on experience, trade-specific knowledge and a wider understanding of our industry, as well as exemplary support through a unique mentoring program,” he continued.

“It is truly an amazing program, which is helping develop a workforce that will be critical to securing our country’s energy future,” Thomas concluded.

WPC Group General Manager, Andrew Sezonov, was ecstatic to hear the news.

"WPC Group is immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve working in close collaboration and partnership with ExxonMobil Australia," Mr Sezonov stated.

“Building a new apprentice and trainee training program from scratch and achieving a 100% retention rate after 5 years is remarkable – it’s a great result not only for ExxonMobil Australia, but also for our apprentices and trainees, the broader oil and gas industry and the local community,” he continued.

“Being awarded the 2023 APPEA Workplace Development Award is a testament to what can be achieved when employers take a long-term view to training and talent development”.



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