Melbourne Airport Joint Hydrant Installation Unit update

News update

Mobil has been advised by Rivet that its workforce intends to take Protected Industrial Action from 5pm on 19 April for a period of 24 hours.

While it is disappointing that Rivet and the Transport Workers Union have been unable to reach agreement on an Enterprise Agreement, Mobil is focused on ensuring this action has minimal disruption to Mobil’s airline customers and their passengers.

We are working closely with our customers and we have put continuity plans in place to ensure that the Joint User Hydrant Installation (JUHI) can continue to operate and supply fuel to Melbourne Airport throughout the industrial action, as well as getting that fuel into planes.

Given these proactive arrangements, we do not expect any material impact to flights or passenger disruptions.

As was seen in March when a similar industrial action was taken, when both Mobil and the airlines work together, the actual impacts on flights from a passenger perspective is limited.